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Our platform brings together industry leaders, students and universities with a variety of development programs.

Are you a school? Do you want to have more information on the MEA Future Leaders Challenge?  

The MEA Future Leaders Challenge is a platform that creates a community to tackle the future challenges in the hospitality industry and make the MEA region the best talent developer in the world.

As well as attract and inspire future talent to choose a career in the hospitality and tourism industry.

Our Mission

Empower, Elevate and Educate future leaders and provide them with the best tools to step into their full potential.

Key themes MEA Future Leaders Challenge


Building a hospitality and tourism platform within the MEA region to share knowledge and connect stakeholders


Inspire the industry with creative solutions to strategic issues created by top talents of the schools


Empower (future) talent to step into their full potential.


Attract and inspire future talents to choose a career in the tourism and hospitality industry within the MEA region

Participating Schools

The MEA Future Leaders Challenge is collaborating with different hospitality and tourism school   spread over the following locations  


For sponsors of the MEA Future Leaders challenge,
this is a unique opportunity to connect to senior leadership and support the mission and vision of the FLC

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